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April 2016

An Expert’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

It’s spring time which means a couple of things – warmer weather, rain, and cleaning. The annual spring clean is a fantastic way to freshen things up around the house, de-clutter, and get ready for the fun summer season. Here are 8 tips to assist in your quest to become the cleanest house on the…

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Custom Homes FAQ – Part 2

How much does a Custom Home cost? What are my financing options? Cost – A true Custom Home is just that – “custom.”  For this reason, it’s difficult to provide a cost before knowing what level of finishes you want for your home.  A typical starting point is $150 per square foot (e.g. $450,000 for…

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Where to Begin

Building your dream home is a truly rewarding experience, albeit one that may seem daunting to some. Broadpoint works hard on the front end of projects to eliminate any angst by ensuring our Clients understand the homebuilding process from start to finish. We are here to answer any question you may have including one of…

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