5 Master Bathroom Trends for 2018

Another year, another wave of master bathroom trends to get excited about, especially if you’re thinking about building a new custom home. We’ve gathered a list of design ideas we think will make a big splash in 2018.

Monochromatic: The master bath should be a calming place away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, so why not choose a color palette that reflects that? It’s traditional for bathrooms and yet, continues to work with strictly contemporary schemes too. White, off-white and neutral colors are the rule for a super-sleek bathroom that you won’t soon forget. Repeat this simplicity in your fluffy accessories as well.

Luxury: Take a daily mini spa vacation when you visit your master bath by incorporating the outdoors with earthy materials and natural light through the use of skylights and floor to ceiling windows (the privacy version :)). And nothing makes your master bath feel more like a spa getaway than a steam unit shower. Why not add in-drawer towel warmer for even more luxury? You deserve it.

Brass: Chrome has had it good for far too long — now brass is having its moment. Sleek designs and minimal detailing ensure the brass look is contemporary and not too vintage. Classic, golden, brass tones that are warm and subtle can elevate your bathroom to chic and pair very well with that monochromatic color scheme. Try this modern brass collection from CB2.

Technology: Already on the smart home trend? The best place in the house for your Alexa might just be the bathroom. You listen to music in the shower and change the playlist hands-free, get an update on the time so you’re not late to work, and have the news, weather or your calendar appointments read to you. You’ll also never have an excuse for running out of shampoo when you can order more with a simple voice command.

Bold Floors: The patterned tiles on the bathroom floor trend has been around a while, but it’s not going anywhere. Long gone are the days of neutral bathroom floors covered with neutral bath mats. Let your floor do the talking with bold, patterned tiles in bright colors and patterns like these emerald “backgammon” tiles by Popham design.

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