About Broadpoint Custom Homes

About Broadpoint

Broadpoint Custom Homes is a full-service home builder located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Founded in 2010, Broadpoint’s services range from conceptual planning and design through the completion of a customer’s dream home. Broadpoint prides itself on providing exceptional customer service throughout the home building process. With 75 years of combined experience, Broadpoint pairs technical expertise and quality craftsmanship with market-leading technology to give each customer a home tailored and customized to their every need.

“Why Broadpoint?” – this is a question we ask of ourselves daily, keeping our mission of delivering top-notch homes along with an unmatched Customer experience as the primary focus. We strive to answer this question differently each day, and have shared some recent thoughts below:

Your satisfaction is our top priority

We keep this in mind with every design detail and subsequent swing of the hammer. For us, there’s no better feeling than our customers ending up with their dream home.

We are nimble and resourceful

We move quickly and easily, reacting to every question or change with clever comprehension and resourcefulness.

Exceptional craftsmanship and quality at a fair price

Every home or renovation should be award winning, and we leave no stone unturned in making your dream a reality.

We are unique and experienced

With extensive backgrounds in real estate, construction, engineering, finance, and small business management, our team understand the magnitude of your investment.

We think of ourselves as your partner

We bring a partnership approach to every design, new-build, and renovation. We’re in this together!

We create homes, not houses

We recognize the significance of your investment and take pride in the fact that your family has chosen to partner with us. We strive to create a sanctuary where memories are created for years to come

We believe complacency is devastating

We are a forward-thinking group that is always innovating to create efficient homes of the utmost quality

Everything is custom and tailored to your needs

We provide the full gamut of services ranging from design-build engagements to constructing a fully-designed project