The Clever Kitchen: Design Solutions You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Cabinets? Check. Backsplash? Check. Dreaming up your ultimate custom kitchen can be hard work. Now comes the fun part – adding those clever elements, appliances, and special touches that truly make it your own. Here are some clever kitchen elements you never knew you needed that will turn your custom kitchen into a dream-come-true.

Under-Cabinet Revolution

You know that awkward space under your overhead cabinets? It can be a great place to gain some extra storage. Don’t rummage through the pantry everytime you need the cumin – put your spices within reach using some specially designed under-cabinet storage racks. Additionally, add some under-cabinet lighting to really create a dramatic statement and brighten your work space. Style and function unite!

Keep Your Wrap Under Wraps

The wrap drawer. Most kitchen owners are familiar with the irritating, messy drawer of random plastic bags, wrinkly aluminum foil, and sticky plastic wrap. It seems impossible to keep tidy. Consider working with your cabinetry designer to get a custom version for one of your drawers or, better yet,  a trio of paper towel holders inside a cabinet door so you can unroll your plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or wax paper with ease.

Go Sideways

If you’re planning extra-deep drawers, think vertically. Create custom drawer dividers to make compartments and slide silverware, kitchen utensils, and other long items into the slots. Built-in cubbies can serve as wine storage below the counter, slots for dry goods and cookbooks above. Even just a tiny sliver of space next to the refrigerator can become a custom, handy spot for storing baking sheets and cutting boards upright.

Easy Cleaning

Carrying a bulky vacuum cleaner around the house is a bit of a chore in itself. Consider installing a vacuum system in the kickboard of your new custom kitchen. Simply sweep crumbs on the floor towards the vacuum plate and say “goodbye!” when you turn the vacuum on. Cleanup has never been so easy.

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